Are you ready to turn your dream of being a successful entrepreneur into reality?

Do you want to earn money for yourself and your family, while ALSO helping rescue victims of human trafficking?

When you become a Saving Pearls Entrepreneur, you build a shining business of your own with stylish fine jewelry that makes the world better and safer. And you get paid for it!

If you need to replace or supplement an income, just love a great cause that has great commissions, or pay off debt, joining Saving Pearls could be the first step to making any of those dreams happen.

The process is very simple and laid out for you below!

This option is RISK FREE! You apply and we provide a unique code just for you!

Many other direct sellers make online sales overly complicated, requiring you to setup a website and manage sales by forcing every customer to fill out long registration forms, etc.

We like keeping it super simple, while giving you the chance to work with and get to know us, risk free!

1.     Just direct your customer to our website with your exclusive code.  The code is easy to use, and there is no special training or expertise to using it, it’s just like a discount code to your favorite online stores.  If you can use social media, you can easily use us!

2.     There is no need for you to keep product on hand, keep track of stock levels anywhere, or invest in the business or products out of your pocket.

3.     When you begin marketing yourself, use our photos for the promotions.

4.     Hit the “Exclusively Online Info” button below for more information on connecting with us in this way.

Sign up for free:

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SIGN UP: Online access + Products

Getting started is easy. Your Starter Kit has all the essentials you need to get up and running. It will include 3 pieces of jewelry, 100 high quality personalized business cards, and jewelry packaging!

Also included is a special code for your online commissions. Your customers that enter this code at checkout will secure a 5% off discount for them, and a commission for you of 30%-60%, based on your account tier.

The Starter Kit costs $99, and unlocks the Bronze Entrepreneur account level. No extra registration fees, website setup, or silly hassle!

Each level of entrepreneur is accumulative, no monthly pressure sales or crunch times! You set your own hours, make your own goals, and create your own success!


advancing to higher tiers

Every sell moves you closer to unlocking the next account tier. As you sell and earn more, you will automatically unlock premium luxury gifts and better commissions, as well as higher wholesale discounts for you to use to make even better profits. Your seller status is accumulative, so there is no monthly pressure, no deadlines, quotas, or anything like that.

Your sales success with us does not expire. For more info on tier commissions, wholesale discounts, and exclusive bonuses, click below!

Excited yet? What’s holding you back?

*Starter kit simple money back guarantee: just pay return shipping for your unsold Saving Pearls jewelry, and we will refund you for each unsold and unused jewelry piece. We won’t give you the run around. Just email us (use the subject line “Direct Sales Money Back Guarantee”) or call us. Applies to starter pack only.