Saving Pearls consignment working proposal 

Why Saving Pearls Jewelry should be in your store:

High Quality Jewelry:

We use sterling silver findings, strong 19 strand metal wire, freshwater pearls, and austrian (or swarovski) crystals to make our jewelry. Each piece is designed and handmade by our team right here in central Texas. Our pieces are not costume jewelry, they are fine, high quality work that is beautiful to wear and display AND backed by our quality guarantee.

High Profit Margins:

With careful sourcing of our pearls and in-house labor we have been able to keep our costs to a minimum and are able to offer 40-60% commission on pieces as well as wholesale pricing depending which is better for your store.

Higher Cause: We donate 50% of our profits to organizations that help fight human trafficking at a statewide, nationwide, and international level.

Customers love feeling like they are doing good, which makes them love our products and will make them love your store even more for carrying them.

Over 300,000 people are trafficked in Texas each year, and 20-30 million across the globe.

Here at Saving Pearls, our Mission is to support those who are fighting to give human dignity back to those whom it has been stolen from. The victims of human trafficking who cannot speak for themselves and who cannot always fight for themselves. The women, men, boys, and girls who are stuck in a heinous and diabolical cycle of crime, degradation, and cruelty.

As we grow our business our goal is to eventually be able to hire survivors of trafficking and make an even greater impact.

Our Consignment Trial Offer:

  1. Feature Saving Pearls in your store for a set amount of time as a trial.

  2. You will receive 40% of each sale.

  3. Our pricing system is very simple, so accounting and sales would be a little easier. Or, since you know your store best, you may set the prices and we will approve them.

  4. You get to pick which of our items you would like in your store, and we can provide a stand or display if you would like. We know each store has their own display style so you are welcome to display our items as you wish. You get to decide how it is to be displayed and we can provide whatever you want, jewelry boxes, price tags, price cards, business cards, display case or stand, sign detailing the company and cause, etc.

  5. Since our pieces are handmade, you have the flexibility to feature one of a kind styles, as in one of each. Or you can have several of the exact same styles like a “normal” store.

  6. When the trial period is over you’re welcome to keep carrying our items for a higher percentage depending on number of sales and we can negotiate a longer standing consignment contract.


  • No upfront costs to you, just a little space

  • Choices of which jewelry and how much etc

  • You can ask us to come pick everything up at any time when you have made a decision about the success or lack thereof with sales

  • You can even suggest designs that you think will be successful and we can create them, even a special line just for your store!

  • You are supporting local artisans and small businesses, as well as the fight against human trafficking.


  • It takes some space, we know space holds product which is money

  • It takes extra time to keep track of extra inventory

We are very new at this, so we would love feedback and input on improving our proposal and/or changing our terms. We are aware that there is a lot more that goes into handling a store than we know.

You can see more info about our company as well as product photos on our main website at, we have 21 designs up there currently and are set to release 3-5 new designs every few months.

We would love to meet in person and chat about what would work best for your store and show you our high quality jewelry in person. We are also open to trunk shows, bridal events, sponsored shopping events and more!

Thank you so so much for considering our proposal!

Feel free to email, text, or call with any questions

-Breanna Lauren Pirch

Saving Pearls Co-Owner & Head Designer