Pearls Partners Ransomed Life!

Introducing another LOCAL Pearls Partner! 

Ransomed Life!

Here is some great info from their website! Also check out their fundraiser dinner coming soon and their social media, just click on the icons at the bottom!

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST)

DMST is the selling and exploitation of minors (11-17) within the United States for sexual services

- DMST is the most prevalent form of slavery in the United States today

- Also known as: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

The demographic Ransomed Life works directly with is Texas girls who have been trafficked or are at "high-risk" of being trafficked

Average age a victim is first trafficked is 12-14 years old

There are 79,000 victims of DMST in TEXAS alone*

* University of Texas School of Social Work, 2017

Ransomed Life works in and around the area of San Antonio, TX.  San Antonio is part of a triangular hot bed of trafficking in the big state of Texas.  With Texas hosting the #1 place for child sex trafficking (Houston), San Antonio becomes a key area for traffickers and victims. 

Here is a handy facts sheet they've put together!