Pearls Partners - CTCAHT!

CTCAHT stands for central texas coalition against human trafficking, they run STEP, Survivors of Trafficking Empowerment Program. 

Within STEP there is a skills class in which survivors make handmade dolls and receive the proceeds. This initiative is called Austin Survivor Artisans! 

Our Goals

Increase Identification of Victims

The Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking hopes to facilitate more frequent identification of trafficking victims by educating the central Texas community of law enforcement, social service providers, faith-based groups, medical and emergency personnel and any persons who may come across victims of trafficking. Through trainings, presentations and an annual conference we will enable the community to recognize and appropriately respond to victims of human trafficking.

Provide Quality Continuum of Services

The CTCAHT will work through continuous multidisciplinary collaboration to coordinate services and benefits to victims of severe forms of human trafficking. Evaluation (currently through the UT School of Social Work/Center for Social Work Research) will guide the coalition in enhancing its services.

Promote Program Growth & Sustainability

The CTCAHT will continue to seek additional coalition members from the Austin community to join and augment the range of expertise the coalition has offered to victims. Monthly meetings will allow for consistent work in developing the program.

The TVPA of 2000 mandated that emergency services such as shelter, knowledge of their rights, medical and mental health care and translation services be provided to all victims of trafficking. After a victim has been certified by the Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement as a victim of human trafficking, they become eligible for Foodstamps, Medicaid, and Refugee Cash Assistance. With this trafficking certification they may apply for a social security card, state identification card and a work permit.

The Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking not only networks to provide the mandated pre-certification services, but can offer many more.

  • Legal advocacy & representation
  • Long-term counseling services
  • Food, clothing, furniture & household goods
  • Intensive case management for pre- and post-certification
  • Employment preparation & search
  • Immigration assistance
  • Resettlement services
  • Cultural orientation
  • Transportation
  • Long-term housing
I would like to go to counseling, because part of me has not overcome everything. But I do feel much stronger than before. If you all had met me before I received all the support from [the Coalition], I think you may have felt sorry for me. When I found out that in this country I had support, actually in this country I felt safer and more supported than I ever did in my own country.
That is why I love you all so much. I do not know everyone that helped me, but in my heart I love them all.
— Quote from a survivor of sex trafficking in Austin, TX